Wednesday, 11 April 2012

pow - Rack server for Mac OS X

download and install:
curl | sh

cd ~/.pow
$ ln -s /path/to/MY_APP

go from browser to:

msRoot:open ~/.pow
#                       W
#                      R RW        W.
#                    RW::::RW    DR::R
#         :RRRRRWWWWRt:::::::RRR::::::E        jR
#          R.::::::::::::::::::::::::::Ri  jiR:::R
#           R:::::::.RERRRRWWRERR,::::::Efi:::::::R             GjRRR Rj
#            R::::::.R             R:::::::::::::;G    RRj    WWR    RjRRRRj
#            Rt::::WR      RRWR     R::::::::::::::::fWR::R;  WRW    RW    R
#        WWWWRR:::EWR     E::W     WRRW:::EWRRR::::::::: RRED WR    RRW   RR
#        'R:::::::RRR            RR     DWW   R::::::::RW   LRRR    WR    R
#          RL:::::WRR       GRWRR        RR   R::WRiGRWW    RRR    RRR   R
#            Ri:::WWD    RWRRRWW   WWR   LR   R W    RR    RRRR    RR    R
#   RRRWWWWRE;,:::WW     R:::RW   RR:W   RR   ERE    RR    RRR    RRR    R
#    RR:::::::::::RR    tR:::WR   Wf:R   RW    R     R     RRR    RR    R
#      WR::::::::tRR    WR::RW   ER.R   RRR       R       RRRR    RR    R
#         WE:::::RR     R:::RR   :RW   E RR      RW;     GRRR    RR    R
#         R.::::,WR     R:::GRW       E::RR     WiWW     RRWR   LRRWWRR
#       WR::::::RRRRWRG::::::RREWDWRj::::RW  ,WR::WR    iRWWWWWRWW    R
#     LR:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::EWRR::::::RRRDi:::W    RR   R
#    R:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::tRW   RRRWWWW
#  RRRRRRRRRRR::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::,:::DE RRWRWW,
#            R::::::::::::: RW::::::::R::::::::::RRWRRR
#            R::::::::::WR.  ;R::::;R  RWi:::::ER
#            R::::::.RR       Ri:iR       RR:,R
#            E::: RE           RW           Y
#            ERRR
#            G       Zero-configuration Rack server for Mac OS X
#     This is the installation script for Pow.
#     See the full annotated source:
#     Install Pow by running this command:
#     curl | sh
#     Uninstall Pow: :'(
#     curl | sh

  • Powder is "syntactic sugar for Pow." Install the gem (gem install powder) and you'll get a powder command-line utility that makes it easier to add applications, tail your log files, and restart Pow. See the Powder readme for more examples of what it can do.
  • Powify is "an easy-to-use wrapper for 37signals' Pow." Install the gem (gem install powify) to get a powify command for installing, updating, and managing Pow and your virtual hosts. See the Powify readme for the full list of commands.
  • Showoff is "the easiest way to share localhost over the web." It creates a tunnel between your computer and the Showoff server, then gives you a publicly accessible URL so others can see the app or site you're working on. Showoff supports Pow's virtual hosts — install the gem via gem install showoff-io, then run show dev. (with the trailing dot). Your Pow apps will be accessible at

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